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Why study here?

These are a few of the reasons you should joining UAGM Generation. We are waiting for you!


Dynamic courses

We offer courses with a dynamic institutional design on the Blackboard Learning platform, as well as other technological tools. 


Courses available 24/7

We offer interactive and multi-media modules available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Wide variety of academic programs

UAGM offers you nearly 240 study programs in diverse modalities that adjust to your specific needs. Explore your opportunities in the areas of: Health Sciences, Medical Sciences, Liberal Arts, Science and Technology, Business, Entrepreneurship and Tourism, Engineering, Design and Architecture.


Academic excellence

Our academic programs are highly accredited, thus conforming the academic excellence of our institution.


Qualified faculty

The Universidad Ana G. Méndez’s faculty is committed to excellence and to serving our students. Most full-time professors and lecturers have a PhD degree, and all our faculty is certified in distance learning and online teaching.


Personalized service

The Dean of Student Affairs offers integrated services that promote the development of our students, in a safe academic environment that ensures a quality student life. You can get personalized services over the phone, via email or online.


Modern installations

Our campuses and university centers are known for their ample and modern installations, and a safe environment that promotes your learning.


Safety and well being

You can study and participate in educational, social, cultural, and athletic activities in all our campuses and university centers, all within a safe environment for your personal and academic development. We promote an ambiance of respect and protection, free of risks to your health and safety.

Our security system includes:

  • Safety Officials in all our campuses and university centers, with constant watch rounds 24/7. 
  • Modern lighting system in all our buildings and parking areas. 
  • Safety control cameras and monitors in key areas.
  • Gated access at all main entrances to our campuses and university centers. 
  • Rigorous and constant cleaning and disinfection process in all areas. 
  • Emergency alert system in case of emergencies.


At UAGM we encourage our students to participate in experiences and opportunities that can enrich their academic instruction. Students can attend internships both in and outside Puerto Rico. 


Degrees awarded

Since 1950-51, UAGM has awarded nearly 150,00 academic degrees. 


Retention of new students

About 75% of our new students continue with their college education.


Accredited student organizations

There are over 125 student organizations in UAGM’s campuses and university centers so you can enjoy a rewarding university experience.