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Ana G. Mendez University (AGMU) makes an education with the highest quality standards accessible to the local and international community. To achieve this purpose, we have used innovative technologies to offer an agile and efficient service to our students. We have created online academic programs in English and Spanish and continuing education courses that follow an educational model and an instructional design that seeks to promote the integral formation of the student.

In today's market, the use of the computer and the use of the Internet are elements that increasingly promote distance education. At AGMU, you will be able to prepare yourself with the best tools to successfully compete in the workforce. Our courses are aimed at professionals who, due to their work schedule and multiple commitments, cannot attend a traditional program; but they want to finish their studies or aspire to a higher academic degree.

Contact Information

Online English

Telephone: 1-800-640-9191

Local: 407-867-3677



Online Español

Telephone: 1-833-877-1919

Local: (787) 288-1118