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técnico de flebotomía con las muestras - Phlebotomy Technician with tests
Phlebotomy Technician

The Phlebotomy Technician diploma prepares the student, under the supervision of physicians and other health care professionals, to draw blood samples from patients using a variety of intrusive procedures. Includes instruction in basic vascular anatomy and physiology, blood physiology, skin puncture techniques, venipuncture, venous specimen collection and handling, safety and sanitation procedures, and applicable standards and regulations. Also, includes instruction in medical ethics, medical terminology anatomy and physiology, EKG and professional conduct in a health care setting.

Employment Opportunities

  • Phlebotomist at hospitals
  • Medical and diagnostic laboratories
  • Healthcare services facilities
  • Physicians’ offices



*VA/Military benefits approved program.

On Campus

Metro Orlando Campus
South Florida Campus
Tampa Bay Campus

Area of interest
Health & well-being